What is this huge fuss about NABCEP certifications? Is it worth your time and money?

The systems and machines of our world depends on power electronics for the ability to run efficiently and sustainably. 

By Vaishnavi Sardeshpande

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Does NABCEP (North American Board For Certified Energy Practitioners), certifications can help you land a job in PV Industry during COVID-19 times?


When it comes to set up a Solar PhotoVoltaic system for your own abode you will definitely look for the most reliable person in the market to do so (read a NABCEP Certified personnel). NABCEP is currently the most trusted certification across the globe. Its validity in over 97 countries justifies this. The major challenge that one faces in a business is marketing. There must be a reason for people to choose one enterprise and reject its contemporaries. NABCEP is that extra mile you go!

NABCEP certification is a tacit recital of the candidate’s qualities. It is a measure of the candidate’s validation of knowledge which leads to increased consumer confidence. The certification is earned by demonstrating one’s training, experience and passing the rigorous exam.

It is undeniable that there are a lot of unqualified solar installers in the market who have no background in electrical engineering and are still selling their services. Also, there are a lot of electrical contractors who are not qualified in designing and building solar arrays even if they have the legal credentials to do so. So the question arises whether NABCEP certification holds any value in these scenarios? There may be some very good solar installations completed by those without the certification but certification corresponds to a much higher profession. James. A “Hoss” Boyd with over 30 years of experience in this field just states the same. He recalls his experience back when Austin Energy, a publicly owned utility providing electrical power to the city of Austin, Texas and surrounding areas since 1895, had introduced their solar PV rebate program. In spite of having an expertise in the field and a stunning resume, what Austin

Energy still demanded was a piece of paper that proved to be the deciding factor for employment- The NABCEP Certificate.

Another important aspect of the NABCEP Certification which is lesser known to the people is incentive programs. As more and more states are creating solar programs they are putting quality control measures into place. They want to ensure that money is being distributed amongst the reputable companies and individuals and they are using NABCEP as the standard certification.

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