Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Course FAQ's

Q 1). What is the difference between Job-Seeker & Non-Job Seeker pathway to attend Solar Study Fellowship?

A 1). Non-Job seeker candidates will have to make an upfront enrollment fee of INR 35,000/- to attend the NABCEP PVA course once shortlisted. For them the same course becomes a 40 hours self paced NABCEP PVA Online course.

For Job Seeking candidates, they don't have to pay anything upfront as a course or certification fee, once shortlisted for SSF - NABCEP PVA course and completion, and if they are placed as per ISA only they need to pay the fee of INR 1,08,990 in twelve equal installments, for them the course is LIVE online of 140+ hours course content, conducted every Sat-Sun (8 to 10 hours each day) for 14 weeks duration. 

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