Income Sharing Agreement.

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What is Income Sharing Agreement (ISA)?

With SSF's ISA, selected fellows doesn't have to pay anything until they complete the full program and get placed with >=3LPA package in top Solar Energy companies, but they agrees to pay the fee in six months from the date of joining their >=3LPA jobs. The overall model reduces the upfront financial burden while creating a wave of confidence among fellows.*

Solar Study Fellowship Invests in you

We make money only when you also do, we do not charge you a penny until you're placed as per our minimum package guarantee. One you complete the payment in first six months of your placed Jobs from our end, you're 100% free from any further payment obligations.

Pay us ₹0 until you land a job.

SSF covers your tuition fee until you get placed at our minimum guaranteed job package of >=3LPA. There are no down payments. 

Pay a fixed amount for 6 months

Once you land a job of >=3LPA from our end, you will be needing to pay us the course tuition fee of ₹51'500 in equal monthly installment for six months.

No need to pay once you reached the cap

You'll be 100% free from payment obligations from our end once you reached the maximum tuition fee cap, or upon payment schedule ends.

Numbers to focus

₹3 LPA

ISA only activates when you start making at least
>= 3LPA, anytime within one year of course completion.

₹ 0

The payment will get paused if you left/got fired from your first job within 3 months of joining. It continues when you get a new job. If in case you complete 3 months in your first job with min guaranteed CTC, you have to pay the entire amount irrespective of your employment status after that.

6 months

Payments has to be done in an equal distributed span of  6 months.

1 Year

Your ISA will expire in 1 Year, that is, if you'll not get any job as per our minimum guarantee within a year of your course completions then you're 100% not obliged to pay us the tuition fee. 

₹ 51'500

You'll only be obliged to pay the capped amount of ₹ 51'500, once you get a package of
>= 3 LPA.

₹ 45'000

You can pay ₹45'000
upfront to attend the program instead of doing an ISA.

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