Understanding Power Electronics in Solar energy based applications – Beginners course

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About this course

Everyone knows that the entire world is slowly moving towards renewable sources for generating electricity to become a part of protecting the environment by limiting global warming below or close to 1.5ºC.  Since solar is one of the major sources in  renewable, those who are interested or looking to work in the solar sector should also know about all the basic power electronics w.r.t the solar PV applications to become a perfect solar energy user or provider. Selection of the right electronics for your solar application is very important to become a perfect solar energy user. We all know that solar energy is abundant and freely available everywhere but the direct available solar energy cannot be used without any power conversion devices for our daily life applications. So the selection of the right electronics for any application not only saves energy and money, but also plays a significant role in protecting the environment. 


In this course we will briefly discuss all the basics of power electronics involved in the solar applications with real time examples. In addition this course gives you the impact of choosing the correct power electronics for your application.


Course Structure (2 Hours)

Course Overview

  • Understanding the Course Insights (5:00)

Section 1: Solar PV Fundamentals.

  • Lecture 1: First look of the Solar PV Panel (7:00)

  • Lecture 2: Solar PV Panel Characteristics and Parameters (6:00)

  • Lecture 3: Energy generation by a Solar PV Panel (5:00)

  • Lecture 4: Bypass diode in PV Panel (5:00)

Section 2: Solar PV Applications

  • Lecture 5: Solar PV systems (4:00)

  • Lecture 6: Solar PV applications examples (5:00)

Section 3: Power Electronics and its operations in Solar PV Industry

  • Lecture 7: What is power electronics? (2:00)

  • Lecture 8: MPPT requirement and its operation (4:00)

  • Lecture 9: What is charge controller and its types available? (4:40)

  • Lecture 10: Inverter operation and its types in solar PV (8:00)

Section 4: Identify Power Electronics in Solar PV Applications.

  • Lecture 11: Power electronics in portable solar products, LED driver, Mobile charger (6:00)

  • Lecture 12: Power electronics in solar pumps, VFD, AC pumps, DC pumps. (5:00)

  • Lecture 13: Off-grid inverter operation & Datasheet reading. (8:00)

  • Lecture 14: On-grid solar inverter operation & Datasheet reading of string inverter. (6:00)

  • Lecture 15: Solar Charge Controller (3:00)

Section 5: Power electronics for solar PV applications with efficient appliances.

  • Lecture 16: DC appliances available, technology and its power ratings, AC appliances and DC appliances specifications. (4:00)

  • Lecture 17: Energy calculations with AC and DC appliances, Advantages of DC appliances with solar PV, system sizing and comparison. (5:00)

  • Lecture 18: Power electronics for solar PV system in DC appliances (2:00)

Section 6: Testing standards of Power Electronics in Solar PV applications.

  • Lecture 19: Testing standards for power electronics (12:32)

Section 7: BONUS - Summary of the course

  • Lecture 20: BONUS (Summary Lecture) (4:16)


Course Instructor

Mr. Venkata Pavan Kumar

Project Manager | SOULS at IIT Bombay


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