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Solar Study Fellowship, a NABCEP PVA certification program.

Pay after placement


Python programming & it's applications in Solar PV Energy.

Live projects, coding exercises, etc.

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 LIVE 1:1 Classes by Dinesh Kumbharwar (M.Tech IIT Bombay) 

MERC (Grid Connected Rooftop Renewable Energy Generating Systems) Regulation Policy 2019 (5 Seats left*)


Program Description

- What is net metering? Why we need it?

- Eligible consumer for availing net metering arrangement?

- Difference between net metering and net billing?

- The procedure of getting a net-metering arrangement for PV plants in MH? 

- Technical Compliance for PV plants concerning the regulation


Class schedule

The LIVE 1:1 session will be conducted on Saturday's between 1400 - 1700 hours IST


Topic Duration is 80 minutes


Fee breakup

INR 650 per class (Per Class duration 40 minutes )


Completion Certificate